Does Carnival Sunshine Have A Casino

James Lopez
August 19, 2023
Does Carnival Sunshine Have A Casino


Does Carnival Sunshine Have A Casino: Carnival Cruise Line is renowned for its commitment to providing a comprehensive and vibrant experience for passengers of all ages. The Carnival Sunshine, a dazzling member of the fleet, is no exception. As we delve into the question of whether this ship boasts a casino, we will uncover not only the presence of such an establishment but also the extent of its offerings.

Casinos have long been a hallmark of cruise ship entertainment, providing a slice of Las Vegas-style gaming amidst the vast expanse of the open sea. From slot machines that jingle with anticipation to card tables where fortunes can change with the flip of a card, casinos offer a unique form of entertainment that complements the various activities available on board.

Join us as we navigate through the exciting world of cruise ship casinos and set our course specifically towards Carnival Sunshine. In the following sections, we will detail the types of games you can expect to find, the ambience of the casino floor, and any additional information that casino enthusiasts and curious travelers alike will find valuable. 

Does Carnival Sunshine Cruise ship have a casino?

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or it’s your first time at the table, we have a game for you: roulette, craps, poker, blackjack and more! We’ve even got fun variations on these, like PokerPro tables and Carnival’s own Fun 21™ to keep the games fresh.

Certainly! The Carnival Sunshine Cruise ship is a haven of excitement and entertainment, and one of its standout features is its captivating casino. For those wondering whether the Carnival Sunshine boasts a casino, the answer is a resounding yes. This ship offers a dynamic and lively casino experience that adds an extra layer of allure to the onboard activities.

From the moment passengers step foot into the casino area, they are enveloped in an atmosphere of anticipation and energy. The casino on Carnival Sunshine features a diverse array of gaming options, including an assortment of slot machines that beckon with their flashing lights and enticing sounds. Additionally, the casino floor plays host to classic card games like blackjack and poker, inviting both seasoned players and beginners to try their luck.

The casino on Carnival Sunshine isn’t just about games of chance; it’s a hub of social interaction. Travelers can gather around tables, strike up conversations, and share the excitement of each roll of the dice or spin of the wheel. The casino’s ambiance is designed to transport passengers to a world of glamour and exhilaration, making it a must-visit destination during their cruise.

Does Carnival Sunshine Have A Casino

What floor is casino on Carnival Sunshine?

Deck 5

Carnival Sunshine deck 5 plan (Promenade-Lounge-Casino-Shops-Cabins)

The casino on the Carnival Sunshine cruise ship is conveniently located on Deck 5. Positioned at the heart of the ship’s entertainment hub, it ensures easy accessibility for passengers eager to experience the thrill of gaming while enjoying their voyage. Deck 5’s central location places the casino in close proximity to other popular onboard attractions, allowing guests to seamlessly transition from one form of entertainment to another.

Being on Deck 5, the casino offers more than just a place to try your luck; it provides an opportunity for passengers to immerse themselves in a dynamic social atmosphere. As guests navigate through the ship’s various levels, they’ll find that Deck 5, with its casino as a centerpiece, becomes a focal point for mingling, excitement, and memorable interactions.

Whether you’re a seasoned casino enthusiast or someone looking to add a touch of thrill to your cruise experience, the Carnival Sunshine’s casino on Deck 5 awaits. Its strategic location ensures that it’s never far from the action, making it an integral part of the overall onboard journey. So, if you’re seeking a vibrant gaming experience that’s both accessible and engaging, make your way to the casino on Deck 5 and embrace the excitement that Carnival Sunshine has to offer.

Do they have a casino on Carnival cruise?

It varies by ship, but we offer a variety of slots and table games on board in each casino. On most ships, you’ll find your favorite slots such as ‘Wheel of Fortune®’ and ‘Wolf Run™’. You will also find Blackjack, Roulette, Let It Ride, Caribbean Stud, Three Card Poker and Craps on most ships.

Absolutely, Carnival Cruise Line is known for providing an array of entertainment options on its ships, and a casino is often a prominent feature in this lineup. Across many of Carnival’s cruise ships, you’ll find vibrant and well-equipped casinos that cater to passengers seeking both gaming excitement and a unique form of onboard entertainment.

Carnival’s casinos typically offer an assortment of popular casino games, including slot machines, blackjack, poker, roulette, and more. These casinos are designed to provide a Las Vegas-style experience at sea, complete with flashing lights, lively sounds, and the chance to win big. 

The casino spaces on Carnival cruises are not just about gaming; they also create a social hub where passengers can gather, interact, and share in the anticipation of each spin and shuffle. Whether you’re an experienced gambler or someone looking to try their hand at gaming for the first time, the casino on a Carnival cruise offers a dynamic environment suitable for all levels of interest and expertise.

Do Carnival Sunrise have a casino?

Whether you take your stakes high or low, your table’s ready. We’ve got your favorites, but if you’re ready to sit down and try something new, our friendly casino staff will be glad to show you the ropes. Which deck has the Sunrise Casino on the Carnival Sunrise? You’ll find the Sunrise Casino on the ship’s Deck 5.

Certainly, the Carnival Sunrise cruise ship does indeed feature a vibrant and engaging casino, adding a touch of excitement and entertainment to the onboard experience. As with many Carnival cruise ships, the Carnival Sunrise’s casino provides passengers with a diverse range of gaming options, from classic slot machines to traditional card games.

Located within the heart of the ship, the casino on Carnival Sunrise offers a dynamic and bustling atmosphere. Passengers can immerse themselves in the thrill of games like blackjack, poker, roulette, and various slot machines, each providing a chance to try their luck and potentially win big.

Beyond the gaming aspect, the casino serves as a hub for social interaction, where travelers can come together, share stories, and create lasting memories. The ambiance of the casino is carefully designed to mirror the lively atmosphere of Las Vegas, providing an authentic casino experience while cruising the open seas.

Whether you’re a dedicated casino enthusiast or simply seeking an alternative form of entertainment, the casino on Carnival Sunrise is ready to welcome you. It’s a space where you can test your luck, embrace the camaraderie of fellow passengers, and enjoy a vibrant atmosphere that contributes to the overall enjoyment of your cruise journey.

What time does the casino open on Carnival cruise?

On Carnival ships, the slot payout is around 80% (info based on internal sources). Now about the Casino hours: On sea days: slot machines (9 AM), select tables (10 AM), full casino (12 PM – 3 AM), the hours may vary due to itineraries.

The opening times of the casino on a Carnival cruise ship can vary slightly depending on the ship’s itinerary and schedule. Generally, the casino on Carnival cruise ships opens its doors in the late morning or early afternoon, usually around 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, and remains open until the early hours of the morning, often around 2:00 AM to 3:00 AM.

These flexible hours allow passengers to enjoy the casino’s offerings throughout the day and into the night, accommodating different preferences and schedules. The morning hours are suitable for those who want to start their day with a dose of excitement, while the late-night hours provide a lively atmosphere for those who enjoy gaming and socializing well into the evening.

The specific opening and closing times may vary based on the ship’s activities, destinations, and regulations. The casino’s operational hours are usually detailed in the ship’s daily newsletter or provided by the onboard staff. So, whether you’re an early riser looking to kick-start your day with some gaming fun or a night owl seeking entertainment well into the night, the casino on a Carnival cruise ship aims to accommodate your preferences.

Does Carnival Sunshine Have A Casino

Does Carnival Sunshine have casino?

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or it’s your first time at the table, we have a game for you: roulette, craps, poker, blackjack and more!

Absolutely, the Carnival Sunshine cruise ship boasts a vibrant and entertaining casino that adds an extra layer of excitement to the onboard experience. Situated on Deck 5, the casino is easily accessible and is known for providing passengers with a wide range of gaming options.

The casino on Carnival Sunshine offers a diverse array of games, catering to both seasoned gamblers and those looking to try their luck for the first time. From classic slot machines that beckon with their flashing lights and engaging themes to popular table games like blackjack, poker, and roulette, the casino ensures there’s something for everyone.

Beyond the gaming, the casino provides a lively social atmosphere where passengers can come together, share stories, and enjoy the camaraderie that comes with games of chance. The casino’s layout and ambiance aim to recreate the excitement of well-known gambling destinations, making it a hub of energy and thrill.

Whether you’re drawn to the allure of the slot machines or eager to test your skills at the card tables, the casino on Carnival Sunshine promises an engaging and entertaining experience. It’s a space where you can immerse yourself in a world of anticipation, social interaction, and, of course, the chance to strike it lucky while cruising the open seas.

Which cruise ships have no casinos?

The major exception to the big ship rule is Disney Cruise Line, which does not have a casino on any of its four cruise ships. Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America also does not have a casino. Most expedition ships and river boats do not have casinos.

Several cruise lines offer ships without casinos to cater to passengers seeking a different type of onboard experience. For example, Disney Cruise Line is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and doesn’t include casinos on any of its ships. Instead, Disney focuses on providing a range of entertainment options suitable for all ages, making it an ideal choice for families and those looking for a casino-free environment.

Virgin Voyages is another cruise line that has taken a unique approach by creating ships that are adult-only and casino-free. Their ships are designed to offer a more sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere, focusing on wellness, entertainment, and dining experiences rather than traditional casino gaming.

Additionally, Viking Ocean Cruises is known for its emphasis on cultural enrichment, destination-focused experiences, and an overall serene environment. Their ships do not feature casinos, aligning with their commitment to providing a calm and immersive travel experience.

Cruise lines that prioritize specialty themes such as luxury, wellness, or cultural enrichment often opt to omit casinos to maintain a particular atmosphere. It’s important to research the amenities and offerings of different cruise lines and their ships to find one that aligns with your preferences, whether you’re seeking a casino-free experience or one that includes gaming entertainment.

What type of games are available in the casino on Carnival Sunshine?

The casino on Carnival Sunshine typically offers a variety of games such as slot machines, table games like blackjack, poker, roulette, and more. The specific games available might vary depending on the ship’s layout and regulations.

The casino on Carnival Sunshine offers a diverse array of games that cater to a wide range of preferences and gaming styles. Passengers can expect to find a variety of exciting options, ensuring that there’s something for every type of casino enthusiast.

Classic slot machines are a staple in the casino, featuring an assortment of themes and styles, from traditional to modern. These machines invite players to try their luck with every spin, offering the potential for thrilling payouts.

For those who prefer table games, the casino typically features classics like blackjack, where players strategize to reach the elusive 21 without going over. Roulette wheels spin, providing opportunities for passengers to place their bets on numbers and colors, while poker tables bring the excitement of card games to the forefront.

The Carnival Sunshine’s casino isn’t just about games; it’s about creating a lively and social environment. The mix of games encourages interaction and camaraderie among passengers as they share their gaming experiences and enjoy the ambiance of a bustling casino.

Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or simply looking to try your hand at some games of chance, the casino on Carnival Sunshine ensures a dynamic and engaging experience, adding an extra layer of entertainment to your cruise journey.

Does Carnival Sunshine Have A Casino


The Carnival Sunshine does indeed house a vibrant casino game, adding an element of thrill and entertainment to the overall cruise experience. As we’ve explored, the ship’s casino offers a diverse range of gaming options, from classic slot machines to popular card games, catering to the preferences of seasoned gamblers and curious novices alike.

Cruise ship casinos like the one on Carnival Sunshine provide a unique blend of excitement and relaxation. Whether you’re trying your luck at the roulette table, strategizing at the blackjack corner, or simply enjoying the lively atmosphere, the casino becomes a hub of social interaction and memorable moments. It’s a place where passengers can try their hand at fortune while surrounded by the beauty of the open ocean.

As you plan your cruise aboard the Carnival Sunshine, the knowledge of its well-appointed casino adds another dimension to your voyage. From the glittering lights and the buzz of activity to the friendly camaraderie around the tables, the casino complements the ship’s array of amenities, ensuring that there’s always something enticing for everyone on board.

Whether you’re an avid gambler or someone seeking novel experiences, the casino on Carnival Sunshine stands ready to welcome you into its world of chance and excitement. So, when you embark on your journey, remember to explore this delightful corner of the ship and indulge in the thrill of gaming at sea.

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