Does Draftkings Work In California

James Lopez
September 11, 2023
Does Draftkings Work In California

Introduction Does Draftkings Work In California

Does Draftkings Work In California: The accessibility of online gaming and sports betting platforms like DraftKings varies significantly from one location to another due to diverse state regulations and laws. When it comes to California, a state known for its complex legal landscape, the status of DraftKings has been a subject of interest and debate.

DraftKings and other daily fantasy sports (DFS) platforms were not legally operational in California. This restriction stemmed from the state’s strict regulations surrounding DFS activities. The California State Legislature had been grappling with the task of devising a regulatory framework for DFS platforms to ensure consumer protection and adherence to state laws. However, no conclusive legislation had been passed by that time.

The prohibition of DraftKings in California disappointed many sports enthusiasts and DFS players eager to participate in fantasy sports contests. It also highlighted the challenges of navigating the evolving landscape of online gaming regulations in one of the largest and most influential states in the United States.

Therefore, it’s crucial for those interested in using DraftKings in California to stay informed about any updates in state regulations and the platform’s availability. This FAQ aims to provide a starting point for understanding the status of DraftKings in California, but users are advised to verify the current status through official sources and legal experts.

Can you use FanDuel or DraftKings in California?

Although technically not sports betting, it is legal to play daily fantasy sports on sites such as DraftKings, FanDuel or OwnersBox, as well as horse race betting online in California through sites such as TwinSpires and TVG.

The situation regarding the legality of DFS in California was uncertain, and neither FanDuel nor DraftKings was legally operational in the state. However, it’s important to delve into the details to understand the reasons behind this, potential changes, and the implications for California residents.

1. The Legal Landscape in California: California is known for its intricate legal framework, which includes gaming and gambling regulations. The state has been considering the regulation of DFS platforms like FanDuel and DraftKings for several years.  

2. Historical Perspective: In the past, both FanDuel and DraftKings, along with other DFS operators, had offered their services in California without formal authorization. This led to legal challenges and debates about whether DFS constituted a form of gambling.  

3. Legislative Efforts: The California State Legislature had been exploring various bills to regulate DFS and establish a legal framework. 

4. The 2020 Election and the Future: It’s worth noting that the November 2020 election in California had a ballot measure (Proposition 22) that primarily focused on the gig economy but also included language related to DFS.  

5. The Need for Legal Clarity: The lack of clear and specific regulations for DFS platforms created a gray area, leading to the suspension of operations by major operators like FanDuel and DraftKings in California 

Does Draftkings Work In California

Can I cash out DraftKings in California?

After placing a bet, you can Cash Out early by visiting ‘My Bets’ and selecting the yellow Cash Out button. Payouts will be made upon confirming Cash Out and the money will deposited in your account immediately.

DraftKings is a popular online sports betting and daily fantasy sports platform. However, the legality and availability of cashing out on DraftKings in California or any other state can be subject to change due to evolving state regulations and the company’s policies. 

DraftKings typically follows state regulations when it comes to offering its services. If California were to legalize online sports betting and daily fantasy sports, it’s possible that DraftKings would seek to obtain the necessary licenses and approvals to operate in the state. In such a scenario, Californians might be able to use DraftKings and potentially cash out their winnings legally.

It’s essential to be aware that the legal situation can change over time, and gambling regulations can be complex. Before participating in any online sports betting or daily fantasy sports activities in California or any other state, it’s crucial to understand the current laws and regulations governing these activities in your area. Engaging in illegal gambling can have legal consequences.

Is FanDuel and DraftKings legal in California?

Although technically not sports betting, it is legal to play daily fantasy sports on sites such as DraftKings, FanDuel or OwnersBox, as well as horse race betting online in California through sites such as TwinSpires and TVG.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS): Both FanDuel and DraftKings have operated in California for several years. They have regarded DFS as a skill-based game rather than gambling, and this classification allowed them to offer their services in the state. DFS platforms typically considered themselves legal in California based on the distinction between games of skill and games of chance.

Legal Challenges: Despite the presence of DFS platforms in the state, there were ongoing legal challenges and debates regarding their legality. Some argued that DFS constituted illegal gambling under California law. These legal challenges and debates led to uncertainty about the status of DFS in the state.

Legislative Efforts: Over the years, various bills were proposed in the California legislature to clarify the legal status of DFS. Some sought to establish a regulatory framework, while others aimed to ban or restrict DFS activities. 

Local Regulations: In addition to state-level considerations, some California municipalities and counties implemented their own regulations related to DFS. This meant that the legality of DFS could vary depending on your specific location within the state.

Sports Betting: California had not yet legalized online sports betting. However, discussions and legislative efforts were underway to potentially legalize and regulate sports betting in the state. The status of these efforts may have changed since then.

Can I use a VPN to bet on DraftKings in California?

Connecting to a server rarely takes more than 3 clicks, which is super quick and convenient. Not to mention that ExpressVPN works on all devices and platforms. As such, you can unblock DraftKings on your iPhone or Android device the same way you do it on your PC.

While VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are tools designed to enhance online privacy and security by masking your IP address and encrypting your internet connection, they can also be misused for activities that may violate local laws and terms of service of various websites, including online gambling platforms like DraftKings.

Here are some key points to consider:

Legality of Online Gambling in California: California had not legalized online sports betting. If the legal landscape has changed since then, it would be crucial to understand the specific rules and regulations that govern online betting within the state.

DraftKings’ Terms of Service: Online gambling platforms like DraftKings have strict terms of service that users must adhere to. Many explicitly prohibit the use of VPNs to access their services.  

Location Verification: Online gambling sites often use geolocation technology to verify a user’s physical location. Even if you use a VPN to mask your IP address, the site may still detect your true location through other means.  

Legal and Ethical Considerations: Using a VPN to access online gambling platforms in a region where it is not legal may raise ethical and legal concerns.  

Risk of Account Closure: Even if you manage to use a VPN to access DraftKings or similar platforms, there’s a risk that your account could be closed if the platform discovers the use of a VPN.

Can you make a DraftKings account in California?

Yes, DraftKings Daily Fantasy is available in California with no restriction. You can play daily fantasy sports in all your favorite leagues right now with DraftKings. Set up your account now, and you will be one step ahead when sports betting goes live in the Golden State.

  • Geolocation Restrictions: DraftKings and similar platforms typically use geolocation technology to ensure that users are physically located in jurisdictions where their services are legally permitted. If you attempt to create a DraftKings account while physically present in California, the platform’s geolocation tools will likely detect your location and prevent you from registering or participating in any games.
  • State Laws: California had not legalized online sports betting or daily fantasy sports contests. This means that residents and visitors in California were generally prohibited from participating in these activities through platforms like DraftKings. It’s important to understand that breaking the law by attempting to create an account from a restricted location can lead to legal consequences.
  • Legislative Changes: States can pass new laws or amend existing ones to permit online sports betting and daily fantasy sports. To find out whether it’s now possible to create a DraftKings account in California, you should consult the California Department of Justice’s official website or seek guidance from legal professionals who specialize in gambling law.
  • Temporary Visits: If you’re a resident of a state where DraftKings is legal, but you’re temporarily visiting California, you may still encounter challenges in using the platform. Geolocation technology might restrict your access even if your primary residence is in a legal jurisdiction. In such cases, it’s advisable to reach out to DraftKings’ customer support for guidance, but be prepared for potential limitations.
Does Draftkings Work In California

Is DraftKings available in California?

DraftKings, the popular online sports betting and daily fantasy sports platform, was not available for real-money sports betting in California. However, this status may have changed since then, as the legal landscape for sports betting in the United States has been evolving rapidly.

California, being one of the most populous states in the U.S., has been a focus of attention for potential sports betting legalization due to its potential market size. To determine whether DraftKings is currently available for online sports betting in California, you should:

Check Current Legislation: Look for any recent changes in state laws or regulations that may have allowed or restricted online sports betting.

Visit DraftKings’ Website: Go to the DraftKings website and check if they offer real-money sports betting services in California. Online sportsbooks often provide information about the states where their services are available.

Use Geolocation Services: If DraftKings has become available in California, they would likely use geolocation technology to ensure that users are within the state’s borders when placing bets. You may need to enable location services on your device to access their services legally.

Consult Local Authorities: If you have any doubts about the legality of using DraftKings in California, consider reaching out to local gaming authorities or legal experts for guidance.

DraftKings’ Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS): Even if real-money sports betting is not available in California, DraftKings may offer daily fantasy sports (DFS) contests in the state. DFS is a separate form of online gaming that operates under different regulations than traditional sports betting.

Can I use DraftKings if I travel to California from a state where it is legal?

If you’re planning to travel to California from a state where DraftKings is legal, you might be wondering whether you can continue to use the popular daily fantasy sports and sports betting platform during your visit to the Golden State. The short answer is no, you cannot use DraftKings in California if you’re physically within the state’s borders.

If you’re used to using DraftKings in your home state, you should be aware that the platform typically employs geolocation technology to ensure that users are within a legal jurisdiction before allowing them to participate in sports betting or fantasy sports contests. So, when you travel to California, DraftKings will likely detect your location and restrict your access to its services.

While you may be disappointed that you can’t use DraftKings in California, it’s crucial to respect the laws and regulations of the state you are in. Engaging in online gambling activities that are not authorized can have legal consequences, so it’s best to refrain from using DraftKings or similar platforms while in California unless you are sure that the laws have changed to permit such activities.

Is there any chance that DraftKings will become available in California in the future?

The possibility of DraftKings becoming available in California in the future is a topic of interest for many sports betting and daily fantasy sports enthusiasts. DraftKings and similar platforms were not legally operational in the state of California. However, several factors suggest that there may be a chance for DraftKings to become available in California in the future.

  • Legislative Efforts: One of the primary indicators of potential legalization is the presence of legislative efforts aimed at regulating online sports betting and daily fantasy sports. While none of these bills had been passed at that time, the fact that there were ongoing discussions and proposals demonstrates a willingness to consider legalization.
  • Economic Incentives: Many states have recognized the economic benefits associated with legalizing sports betting and daily fantasy sports. These activities can generate significant tax revenue, create jobs, and stimulate tourism. In California, a state with a large population and a strong sports culture, there is a potential for substantial economic gains if sports betting is regulated and permitted.
  • Public Support: Public opinion can play a crucial role in influencing legislators’ decisions. If there is widespread public support for legalizing sports betting and daily fantasy sports in California, it could encourage lawmakers to take action.  
  • Neighboring States: Sometimes, the actions of neighboring states can influence a state’s decision on gambling legislation. If neighboring states have legalized sports betting and are benefiting from the revenue generated, California may be more inclined to follow suit to avoid losing potential tax revenue to neighboring jurisdictions.
  • Regulatory Framework: Developing a robust regulatory framework is essential for the legalization of sports betting and daily fantasy sports. California would need to establish rules and regulations to ensure fair play, consumer protection, and responsible gambling.  
Does Draftkings Work In California


The availability of DraftKings in California remains uncertain, and it is essential to recognize the ever-changing landscape of online gaming regulations in the state. DraftKings and similar daily fantasy sports (DFS) platforms were not legally operational in California due to the absence of specific regulations governing their activities. The state had been grappling with the complexities of legalizing and regulating DFS, leaving sports enthusiasts and DFS players in a state of limbo.

However, it is important to note that legal situations can evolve over time. California, with its immense population and potential market, may eventually adopt DFS regulations, potentially allowing platforms like DraftKings to operate within its borders. The progress of such legislation can be influenced by various factors, including changes in public opinion, economic considerations, and political developments.

For anyone interested in using DraftKings in California, staying informed about local laws and regulations is paramount. Keep a close watch on updates from the California State Legislature, the California Department of Justice, and reputable news sources. Additionally, consult legal experts who are well-versed in California’s gaming laws to understand the most current status of DraftKings and other DFS platforms in the state. While the present landscape may be uncertain, the future holds the potential for change in California’s approach to DFS regulation.

Author James Lopez