How Big Is Choctaw Casino

James Lopez
September 5, 2023
How Big Is Choctaw Casino


How Big Is Choctaw Casino: Choctaw Casino, located in the heart of southeastern Oklahoma, is a sprawling and vibrant entertainment complex that beckons visitors with its sheer size and diverse offerings. Covering a vast expanse of land, this renowned casino destination boasts an expansive gaming floor that is home to a multitude of slot machines and gaming tables. The casino’s sheer scale is awe-inspiring, providing ample opportunities for guests to try their luck and enjoy their favorite games.

Beyond the gaming excitement, Choctaw Casino offers a wide array of amenities that contribute to its impressive size. Luxurious hotel accommodations, world-class dining establishments, a captivating entertainment center, and a range of recreational options are all part of the experience. Choctaw Casino’s size extends not only to its physical dimensions but also to the extensive entertainment and hospitality it provides.

We’ll delve deeper into the details of Choctaw Casino’s size, exploring its gaming floor, event spaces, hotel accommodations, and much more, to give you a comprehensive understanding of this iconic entertainment destination.

How Big Is Choctaw Casino

How many rooms does Choctaw Casino have?

Need to unwind? Visit The Spa or our pool location – Aqua at Sky Tower – furnished with private cabanas. Then, recharge for the night in any of our 1,700 hotel rooms in our AAA Four Diamond hotel. If you want to mix business with pleasure, our three-level convention/entertainment complex is open for booking.

The Choctaw Casino Resort in Durant, Oklahoma, was a large casino and hotel complex that offered a range of accommodations. However, the number of rooms in a hotel can change over time due to renovations or expansions. 

Choctaw Casino Resort in Durant boasted approximately 776 hotel rooms, including various types of accommodations to cater to different preferences and budgets. These included:

  1. Standard Rooms: These are typically well-appointed rooms with standard amenities and comfortable furnishings.
  1. Suites: Choctaw Casino Resort offered a variety of suites, including one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and luxury suites. Suites often come with space, separate living areas, and upgraded amenities.
  1. Spa Suites: For guests seeking a more luxurious experience, the resort had spa suites that featured in-room hot tubs or whirlpool tubs, perfect for relaxation.
  1. Penthouse Suites: Choctaw Casino Resort’s top-tier accommodations, the penthouse suites, offered the most luxurious experience with spacious living areas, multiple bedrooms, and premium amenities.

The number of rooms and types of accommodations. Therefore, to verify this information with the Choctaw Casino Resort directly. To check the contact their customer service for the most accurate details on their room offerings and availability.

How many towers does Choctaw Casino have?

Choctaw Durant Casino Resort Towers

There are three Choctaw Casino Towers, namely the Spa Tower, Grand Tower, and the new 21-story Sky Tower, which is the newest tower at Choctaw.

The Choctaw Casino Resort in Durant, Oklahoma, featured multiple hotel towers to accommodate its guests. However, the number of towers or their names may change over time due to expansions or renovations. 

The Choctaw Casino Resort in Durant had two primary hotel towers:

  1. Grand Tower: The Grand Tower was the original hotel tower and offered a wide range of rooms and suites, catering to various preferences and budgets. It featured numerous floors and provided easy access to the casino, restaurants, and other amenities within the resort.
  1. Spa Tower: The Spa Tower was a newer to the resort and was known for its upscale and luxurious accommodations. This tower often housed the more extravagant suites, including spa suites and penthouse suites, providing guests with a higher level of comfort and amenities.

Therefore, to verify this information directly with Choctaw Casino Resort for the most accurate details regarding the hotel’s layout and offerings. You can contact their customer service on their hotel towers.

Who owns Choctaw Casino?

Owned and operated by the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, the third-largest Indian Nation in the United States with more than 208,000 tribal members and 12,000 employees, Choctaw Casinos & Resorts feature a variety of gaming, hotel, and resort properties throughout southeastern Oklahoma.

Choctaw Casino is owned and operated by the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. The Choctaw Nation is a federally recognized Native American tribe with its headquarters in Durant, Oklahoma. They are the primary entity responsible for the development and management of Choctaw Casino and Resort properties in Oklahoma.

The Choctaw Nation has several casino and resort locations throughout Oklahoma, with the Choctaw Casino Resort in Durant being one of their flagship properties. These casinos are a significant source of revenue for the tribe and play a vital role in funding various tribal programs and services, including healthcare, education, housing, and more.

The ownership of casinos can change over time due to various factors, including partnerships, acquisitions, or expansions. To get regarding the ownership and management of Choctaw Casino, to contact them directly for any recent developments.

Is Choctaw the biggest casino in the world?

WinStar World Casino & Resort

WinStar World Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma City, is a 600,000-square-foot tribal casino and resort. The world’s biggest casino debuted in 2003. It is the world’s biggest casino it’s nearly twice the size of the MGM Grand.

Choctaw Casino in Durant, Oklahoma, was not the biggest casino in the world in terms of overall size or gaming floor space. While Choctaw Casino is a sizable and popular casino resort, to understand that the title of “biggest casino in the world” can change over time as new casinos are built, and existing ones expand.

Some of the largest casinos in the world, both in terms of gaming floor space and overall resort size, were typically located in major gaming destinations such as Las Vegas and Macau. These casinos are often part of massive resort complexes that include hotels, entertainment venues, restaurants, and shopping centers.

The Venetian Macao (Macau, China): This casino resort is renowned for its vast gaming floor and extensive amenities. It is often considered one of the largest casinos globally.

WinStar World Casino and Resort (Thackerville, Oklahoma): WinStar is another significant casino and resort complex that competes for the title of the largest casino in the United States. It features a vast gaming area, multiple hotels, and various entertainment options.

The City of Dreams (Macau, China): This integrated resort includes a large casino and offers a wide range of entertainment and dining options.

The status of the biggest casino in the world can change as new casinos are constructed and existing ones undergo expansions. To determine whether Choctaw Casino or any other casino holds this title at the current time, as they regularly track and report on the largest casinos worldwide.

How Big Is Choctaw Casino

How much is a night at Choctaw Casino?

Choctaw Casino Resort – Durant from $119. Durant Hotel Deals & Reviews – KAYAK.

The cost of a night at Choctaw Casino Resort in Durant, Oklahoma, can vary widely depending on several factors, including the type of room or suite you choose, the time of year, and any special promotions or discounts that may be available. Some general price ranges to give you an idea of what to expect.

  1. Room Types and Rates: Exploring the various types of rooms and suites available at Choctaw Casino and their corresponding price ranges.
  1. Seasonal Pricing: Discussing how room rates can vary depending on the time of year, including peak and off-peak seasons.
  1. Special Packages and Promotions: Detailing any special deals, packages, or promotions offered by Choctaw Casino Resort that may affect the cost of a night’s stay.
  1. Additional Costs: Examining potential costs, such as resort fees, taxes, and amenities, that guests should be aware of when booking a room.
  1. Comparison with Other Casinos: Comparing the pricing of Choctaw Casino rooms to similar casino resorts in different locations.

These are approximate price ranges, and actual rates may vary depending on the specific dates you choose, availability, and any changes in pricing policies.

Room rates and availability at Choctaw Casino Resort, contacting their reservations department directly. They can provide you with the current rates for your desired stay dates and any special offers or packages that may be available during your visit.

Do people win at Choctaw Casino?

Brittany Juarez of Kaufman, Texas, was the first winner of the Choctaw Casino & Resort – Durant’s ‘3 Months.

People do win at Choctaw Casino, just like at any other casino. Casinos, including Choctaw Casino in Durant, Oklahoma, are designed to offer a mix of entertainment, dining, and gaming options to their patrons. Gambling at casinos involves a combination of skill and chance, and while there are no guarantees of winning, many individuals have experienced wins of varying sizes at Choctaw Casino and similar establishments.

Here are some points to consider:

  1. Games of Chance: Casinos offer a wide range of games of chance, such as slot machines, roulette, and craps. These games are designed with a built-in house edge, meaning that over the long run, the casino is statistically likely to make a profit. However, individual players can and do win on these games. Slot machines, for example, have a random number generator (RNG) that determines the outcome of each spin, so wins are possible on any given play.
  1. Table Games: Table games like blackjack, poker, and baccarat involve an element of skill along with chance. Skilled players can use strategy to improve their odds of winning. In games like poker, players compete against each other rather than against the house, so winning is a matter of outplaying your opponents.
  1. Varied Outcomes: The outcomes of casino games can vary widely. Some players may have winning sessions, while others may experience losses. To approach casino gambling with the understanding that you might win, lose, or break even.
  1. Responsible Gambling: To enjoy a visit to a casino responsibly, To set a budget and stick to it. Gambling should be seen as a form of entertainment, and players should never wager more than they can afford to lose.

While some individuals may have significant wins at casinos, others may experience losses. The key to responsible gambling is to participate for entertainment purposes. If you plan to visit Choctaw Casino or any casino, it’s advisable to gamble responsibly and set limits on your spending to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience.

What is the total square footage of Choctaw Casino?

The Choctaw Casino Resort in Durant, Oklahoma, is a massive complex that includes not only the gaming floor but also various amenities such as hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, and more. While the exact square footage of the entire complex, the approximate size of its gaming floor.

The gaming floor of Choctaw Casino in Durant was reported to be around 218,844 square feet. This gaming area included a wide variety of slot machines, table games, poker rooms, and other gaming options.

The total square footage of the entire resort, including the hotels, restaurants, spa, event venues, and other amenities, would be significantly larger than just the gaming floor. The Choctaw Casino Resort is known for its extensive facilities, making it a popular destination in Oklahoma for both gaming and entertainment.

The total square footage of Choctaw Casino Resort or any specific section of the resort. They can provide you with the details about the size and layout of their complex, including any expansions or changes that may have occurred.

How many gaming tables are there at Choctaw Casino?

Choctaw Casino Resort in Durant, Oklahoma, featured a wide range of gaming tables offering various table games for its guests. However, the number of gaming tables can change over time due to renovations, expansions, or changes in the casino’s layout. To obtain the most accurate information regarding the number of gaming tables at Choctaw Casino.

Choctaw Casino Resort had over 80 gaming tables that offered a variety of table games, including but not limited to:

  1. Blackjack: Multiple blackjack tables were available, offering different variations and betting limits.
  1. Poker: The casino featured a dedicated poker room with several poker tables, hosting various poker games and tournaments.
  1. Roulette: Roulette tables allowed players to bet on the outcome of a spinning wheel.
  1. Craps: Craps tables offered the popular dice game where players placed bets on the outcome of the dice rolls.
  1. Baccarat: Baccarat tables provided the opportunity to play this classic card game.

The availability of specific table games and the number of tables. The types and quantity of gaming tables available at Choctaw Casino Resort, checking their contacting their customer service. They can provide you with the current details on their gaming offerings.

How Big Is Choctaw Casino


Choctaw Casino, located in Durant, Oklahoma, is a substantial and multifaceted entertainment complex. While the precise total square footage of the entire resort, the gaming floor alone was reported to be approximately 218,844 square feet, making it a significant gaming destination.

Choctaw Casino boasts a diverse range of amenities, including multiple hotels, restaurants, bars, a spa, event venues, and a variety of gaming options. The size and scope of the resort make it one of the prominent casino destinations in Oklahoma.

That casinos like Choctaw often undergo expansions and renovations, which can lead to changes in their size and facilities. Therefore, regarding Choctaw Casino’s size and offerings. Choctaw Casino continues to be a popular choice for those seeking gaming, entertainment, and relaxation in the Durant area.

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