How To Become Vip Bingo Blitz

James Lopez
September 4, 2023
How To Become Vip Bingo Blitz


How To Become Vip Bingo Blitz: Bingo Blitz, an immensely popular social bingo game, offers an enticing VIP program that elevates the gaming experience to new heights. Becoming a VIP in Bingo Blitz is a prestigious achievement that unlocks a treasure trove of exclusive benefits and privileges. This guide will walk you through the journey of how to attain VIP status and enjoy the numerous perks it brings.

VIP status in Bingo Blitz is a reflection of your dedication, loyalty, and commitment to the game. It signifies your enthusiasm for the vibrant world of online bingo and rewards you with an array of advantages that set you apart from regular players. Whether you’re seeking more daily bonuses, early access to new rooms, or a deeper sense of community, becoming a VIP is the key.

This comprehensive guide will delve into the requirements for VIP status, the various tiers and their associated benefits, and the strategies you can employ to expedite your journey towards VIP status. You’ll discover how to accumulate experience points (XP), the currency of progression in Bingo Blitz, and the actions that will propel you towards higher VIP levels. By the end of this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to embark on your path to becoming a VIP in Bingo Blitz, enhancing your gameplay and celebrating your status within this thriving bingo community.

What is VIP status on Bingo Blitz?

As well as being able to enter exclusive tournaments, VIP members will also benefit from giveaways and free bingo games, all of which help you earn more points and increase your level even further. VIP players can also often get more bang for their buck.

In Bingo Blitz, VIP status is a coveted and exclusive feature that offers a plethora of exciting benefits to dedicated players. It’s a symbol of prestige within the vibrant world of online bingo. VIP status is achieved by accumulating experience points (XP) through consistent gameplay and leveling up. Once you reach certain XP thresholds, you’ll unlock different VIP tiers, each with its own set of perks.

The most immediate advantage of VIP status is the boost in daily bonuses and rewards, including more daily credits, power-ups, and coins. This boost ensures that VIP players have an edge when it comes to collecting resources necessary for successful bingo rounds. Additionally, VIP members enjoy early access to new rooms and special events, providing them with an opportunity to explore fresh challenges before the rest of the player base.

But it’s not just about in-game advantages. VIP status also comes with a sense of community and recognition. VIP players often enjoy a higher level of interaction with game developers and fellow VIPs, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie. For many, VIP status is a badge of honor that signifies their commitment and dedication to the game, making them feel like true bingo royalty.

How To Become Vip Bingo Blitz

Is there a cheat for Bingo Blitz?

We believe that it’s important for you to know that there are no cheat methods to get free Bingo Blitz credits that actually work.

There are no legitimate cheats for Bingo Blitz, and attempting to cheat in online games like Bingo Blitz is both unethical and against the terms of service. Bingo Blitz is designed to provide a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all players, and cheating disrupts that balance.

The game’s developers employ various security measures to detect and prevent cheating, including the use of algorithms and automated systems that monitor gameplay for suspicious activities. Engaging in cheating can result in severe consequences, including temporary or permanent bans from the game.

It’s important to remember that cheating not only undermines the integrity of the game but also diminishes the satisfaction and challenge of playing. Bingo Blitz is meant to be a fun and engaging way to test your luck and skill, and using cheats not only ruins the experience for others but also deprives you of the genuine sense of accomplishment that comes from winning fair and square.

Instead of seeking cheats, it’s recommended to enjoy Bingo Blitz as it was intended: by playing honestly, participating in events, collaborating with fellow players, and taking advantage of the various legitimate in-game strategies and bonuses to enhance your gameplay experience. This way, you can fully enjoy the excitement and community aspect of Bingo Blitz without compromising your integrity or the integrity of the game.

What is the fastest way to level up on Bingo Blitz?

The best and fastest way to level up in Bingo Blitz is by playing the game regularly. When you daub a square in the game, you get XP points, which you need to level up.

Leveling up quickly in Bingo Blitz can enhance your gaming experience by unlocking new features and benefits. To expedite your progress, follow these tips:

  • Complete Daily Goals: Daily goals offer substantial XP rewards. Prioritize completing them every day to accumulate XP consistently.
  • Participate in Events: Special events often offer XP bonuses as rewards. Engage in these events whenever they’re available.
  • Play Higher-Stake Rooms: Rooms with higher stakes typically provide more XP per bingo. If your bankroll allows, play in these rooms to level up faster.
  • Collect and Send Gifts: Gifting and receiving items from friends and fellow players can provide XP boosts. Stay active within the Bingo Blitz community.
  • Use Power-Ups Strategically: Power-ups like daub boosters and instant bingos can help you complete rounds faster, earning you more XP in less time.
  • Complete Collections: Each collection completed rewards you with XP. Focus on collecting items within rooms to maximize this benefit.

How to win 1 min Blitz?

  • Play a predictable opening like Four Knights Game.
  • Don’t spend a second thinking about what you’re doing.
  • Exchange pieces whenever possible.
  • Perpetual check is your friend.
  • Never resign.

Winning a 1-minute Blitz game in Bingo Blitz requires quick thinking, sharp focus, and a bit of luck. Here are some strategies to increase your chances of success:

  1. Prioritize Power-Ups: Use your power-ups wisely. Activate daub boosters, instant bingos, and other power-ups strategically to cover numbers rapidly.
  1. Focus on the Pattern: Pay close attention to the specific bingo pattern in the 1-minute Blitz game. Ensure you’re daubing the correct numbers to match the pattern quickly.
  1. Play Multiple Cards: If you’re comfortable, play multiple cards simultaneously. This increases your chances of marking numbers on the pattern more quickly.
  1. Auto-Daubing: Consider enabling auto-daubing if available. It can save you time and reduce the risk of missing a number.
  1. Quick Reactions: Train your reflexes to spot the called numbers swiftly and daub them immediately. Avoid hesitating, as every second counts.
  1. Stay Calm: Despite the fast-paced nature of Blitz games, stay calm and composed. Panic can lead to mistakes.
How To Become Vip Bingo Blitz

How much money does Bingo Blitz make?

In 2020, Bingo Blitz had record revenue, since its launch, of $443 million, up 38% from 2019. Bingo Blitz is Playtika’s flagship game, and is one of the 100 top-grossing mobile games on Apple and Android devices.

Specific revenue figures for Bingo Blitz were not publicly disclosed, and it’s important to note that financial information for companies can change rapidly. Bingo Blitz is a free-to-play mobile and social bingo game developed by Playtika, a leading mobile gaming company. Revenue for games like Bingo Blitz typically comes from various sources, including:

  • In-App Purchases: Players can buy in-game currency, power-ups, boosters, and other virtual items to enhance their gameplay.
  • Ads: Some free-to-play games, including Bingo Blitz, display ads to generate revenue. Players may also have the option to watch ads voluntarily in exchange for in-game rewards.
  • In-Game Events: Special events and promotions often encourage players to spend money on virtual items or currency.
  • VIP Memberships: Some players opt for premium memberships or subscriptions, which offer exclusive benefits and generate recurring revenue for the game.
  • Social Features: Games often incorporate social features that encourage players to engage with friends and make in-game purchases.

How many levels are there in Bingo Blitz?

Reaching higher levels, in turn, lets you unlock new content and more rewards along the way! You’ll earn more XP per daub when playing in higher level rooms. The highest level you can currently attain in BINGO Blitz is 120.

Bingo Blitz featured over 1,000 levels for players to enjoy. The game continually added new levels and content to keep players engaged and challenged. These levels provided a progressive and rewarding experience for players as they advanced through various themed rooms, collected items, and completed collections.

Each level in Bingo Blitz presented players with unique bingo patterns and goals to achieve. Advancing through the levels allowed players to unlock new rooms, access more challenging bingo patterns, and earn various in-game rewards, such as coins, power-ups, and experience points (XP).

  • Stay Calm: Maintain composure, even in the fast-paced environment of Blitz games. Panic can lead to mistakes.
  • Strategic Power-Up Combos: Combine different power-ups strategically. For example, use an instant bingo power-up when it aligns with the required pattern.
  • Practice: Regularly playing Blitz games will improve your speed and accuracy over time. Familiarity with the game’s patterns is crucial.
  • Compete Smartly: Blitz games are competitive, so don’t be discouraged by losses. Use them as opportunities to learn and refine your strategies.

A high score in Blitz games often requires a balance between quick decision-making and efficient daubing. By honing your skills and adopting these strategies, you can increase your chances of achieving impressive scores in these fast-paced bingo variants.

How do you get a high score on Blitz?

After getting those Power Gems and Hyper Cubes, do not use them right away. Save and collect them until you have plenty on your board. Use them when you have a lot on the board to increase your Multipliers, which in turn will multiply the points you get.

Achieving a high score in Blitz games, like Bingo Blitz, requires a combination of strategy, quick thinking, and a bit of luck. Here are some tips to help you maximize your score:

  • Focus on the Objective: In Blitz games, your primary goal is to complete the specified bingo pattern as quickly as possible. Concentrate on marking the numbers that contribute to this pattern.
  • Multiple Cards: If you can handle it, play with multiple cards to increase your chances of marking the required numbers quickly. However, make sure not to overwhelm yourself.
  • Power-Ups: Utilize power-ups strategically. Daub boosters, instant bingos, and other power-ups can help you complete the pattern faster.
  • Auto-Daubing: Consider enabling auto-daubing if available. This feature ensures you don’t miss any called numbers and can be particularly helpful in Blitz games.
  • Quick Reactions: Train your reflexes to spot and mark called numbers rapidly. Every second counts in Blitz games.
  • Bonuses and Combos: Look for bonus numbers and aim to create combos by daubing numbers in quick succession. These actions can boost your score significantly.

How do you get hard items in Bingo Blitz?

They are the ones only winnable through getting the right shadow card and getting a bingo on that card. These items can be traded or gifted once won, but they cannot be purchased with coins.

In Bingo Blitz, acquiring hard-to-find items, such as rare collection items, can be challenging but rewarding. These items are often essential for completing collections, which in turn, lead to various in-game rewards. Here are some strategies to help you get hard items in Bingo Blitz:

  • Regular Gameplay: Play Bingo Blitz regularly, as some collection items are randomly awarded as you complete rounds. Keep your game active to increase your chances of obtaining these items.
  • Special Rooms: Certain rooms have a higher likelihood of dropping specific collection items. Pay attention to themed rooms or seasonal events that may feature the item you need.
  • Friends and Gifting: Interact with friends within the game and send and receive gifts. Sometimes, friends can send you collection items, and you can reciprocate the favor.
  • Join Bingo Blitz Clubs: Clubs offer additional opportunities to trade and exchange items with club members. Collaborate with your club to acquire missing collection items.
  • Trade in Market Square: Visit the Market Square within the game, where players often list their extra collection items for trade. Be prepared to offer items in return.
How To Become Vip Bingo Blitz


The journey to becoming a VIP in Bingo Blitz is a rewarding and enriching experience that adds a layer of prestige and excitement to your gameplay. As we’ve explored in this guide, reaching VIP status requires dedication, persistence, and strategic gameplay.

By accumulating experience points (XP) through regular play, completing daily goals, participating in events, and engaging with the Bingo Blitz community, you can steadily progress through the VIP tiers. Each level unlocks a host of exclusive benefits, including increased daily bonuses, early access to new content, and a heightened sense of camaraderie within the Bingo Blitz community.

Becoming a VIP is not just about reaping the in-game rewards; it’s also about celebrating your commitment to the game and your fellow players. The sense of achievement and belonging that comes with VIP status can enhance your enjoyment of Bingo game Blitz and make your gaming experience truly special.

So, whether you’re a seasoned player looking to ascend the VIP ranks or a newcomer eager to embark on this rewarding journey, remember that becoming a VIP in Bingo Blitz is not only about the perks but also about the sense of pride and connection that comes with being part of this vibrant and passionate bingo community. Enjoy the journey, embrace the challenges, and revel in the rewards of VIP status in Bingo Blitz.

Author James Lopez