How To Play Deuces Wild Video Poker

James Lopez
August 12, 2023
How To Play Deuces Wild Video Poker


How To Play Deuces Wild Video Poker: A captivating casino game that adds a unique twist to the classic poker experience. Whether you’re a seasoned poker player or new to the world of card games, this variation offers an engaging and strategic gameplay that’s both fun and rewarding.

At its core, Deuces Wild is similar to traditional poker, but with a thrilling twist: all “2” cards, or deuces, act as wild cards. This means that they can substitute for any other card to form winning hands, amplifying your chances of success. The presence of these wild cards adds an element of unpredictability and strategic complexity, requiring you to rethink your approach to crafting winning combinations.

To begin, you’ll receive a standard 5-card hand, just like in regular poker. The difference lies in the potential of those deuces to transform your hand into something extraordinary. Whether you’re aiming for classic hands like pairs, straights, and flushes, or gunning for more challenging hands like four-of-a-kind and even a wild royal flush, Deuces Wild keeps you on your toes with every decision.

In this guide, we’ll delve deep into the rules, strategies, and tips that will help you navigate the Deuces Wild landscape with confidence. From understanding the hierarchy of winning hands to making the right decisions when faced with a mix of cards, you’ll gain the insights you need to maximize your enjoyment and potential winnings.  

How do you play Deuces Wild?

On the first round all players will receive two cards as their personal hand followed by a round of betting. Three board cards are turned simultaneously (called the “flop”) followed by a second round of betting. The next two board cards are turned one at a time, with a round of betting after each card.

The core distinction lies in the role of the deuces, or “2” cards, which function as wild cards. This means they can substitute for any other card, enabling you to form winning hands more easily. The game begins with you receiving a standard 5-card hand, after which you decide which cards to hold and which to discard in pursuit of a stronger hand.

The key strategy revolves around striking a balance between traditional poker hands and leveraging the deuces to your advantage. While pairs, straights, and flushes remain significant, the allure of higher-ranking hands like four-of-a-kind or even the elusive wild royal flush becomes all the more enticing with the wildcard element.

Knowing when to retain deuces, which cards to discard, and when to chase more ambitious hands requires a combination of skill, intuition, and understanding the odds. Regular practice and a grasp of optimal strategies are vital for success. With practice, you’ll refine your ability to navigate the intricate web of decisions that Deuces Wild demands, embracing the thrill of calculated risks and the satisfaction of crafting winning combinations. 

How To Play Deuces Wild Video Poker

What are the odds for Deuces wild video poker?

On a full-pay Deuces Wild Poker machine, the return rate is 100.762%, with a house edge of -0.762%. This equates to one of the best bets you can make on a casino game. That’s all you need to know. In other words, with perfect and optimal play, the casino is at a disadvantage and the odds are in favor of the player.

Understanding the odds in Deuces Wild Video Poker is a critical aspect of crafting a successful strategy. With the introduction of wild cards in the form of deuces, the probabilities for achieving various hands undergo a significant shift compared to traditional poker.

The odds for Deuces Wild are influenced by factors such as the wild card element, the specific paytable of the machine you’re playing, and the decisions you make during gameplay. The presence of deuces as wild cards significantly alters the likelihood of achieving certain hands, such as four-of-a-kind or even the rare wild royal flush. This dynamic can lead to more frequent occurrences of these higher-ranking hands.

Optimal strategies for Deuces Wild often focus on pursuing hands that have a higher probability of being achieved while also considering the potential for wild card substitutions. However, due to the intricate combination of traditional poker hands and the wildcard element, the odds can vary based on the specific scenario you’re facing.

To gain an advantage, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the paytable of the machine you’re playing and learn the best practices for decision-making based on different hands. Regular practice and a solid understanding of the odds will empower you to make informed choices, enhancing your chances of securing winning combinations and enjoying the excitement that Deuces Wild Video Poker has to offer.

Do you hold a pair in Deuces Wild?

Once again, Deuces Wild is a completely different animal. The correct play is to hold one of the two pairs and discard the other three cards. Under no circumstances should you hold two pairs and discard only one card.

Typically, in standard poker, holding a pair is a strong move to build upon for a potential three-of-a-kind or higher. However, in Deuces Wild, this strategy can be nuanced. If you have a pair of non-deuce cards, it’s generally advisable to hold them, as they might lead to a three-of-a-kind or even a full house. For deuces, it’s a different story. Holding a single deuce alongside a pair might increase the chances of obtaining a three-of-a-kind, but it also opens up possibilities for more lucrative hands like four-of-a-kind or a wild royal flush.

Now, onto full pay Deuces Wild. This term refers to a specific paytable configuration in Deuces Wild Video Poker where the payouts for various hands are optimized to provide players with a higher expected return. A full pay Deuces Wild machine usually features a payout of 9 coins for a straight flush and 5 coins for four-of-a-kind, among other favorable payouts.

Understanding whether to hold a pair and recognizing full pay Deuces Wild machines can significantly impact your gameplay and potential winnings. Balancing traditional poker wisdom with the wildcard element and seeking out full pay machines can be essential steps toward success in this thrilling and dynamic poker variant.

What is full pay Deuces Wild?

In full-pay Deuces Wild, the Four of a Kind pays 5 to 1 while maximum bets can secure players 25 credits. This is followed by the Full House (3 to 1), the Flush (3 to 1), the Straight (2 to 1) and Three of a Kind, which offers even money for one-credit stakes.

Full Pay Deuces Wild refers to a specific paytable configuration in Deuces Wild Video Poker that offers players the most favorable odds and highest potential payouts. In this variant, the term “full pay” signifies a paytable that is optimized to provide players with a higher expected return on their bets.

A full pay Deuces Wild machine typically offers the following payouts for a 5-coin bet:

– 800 coins for a natural royal flush (without deuces).

– 200 coins for four deuces.

– 25 coins for a wild royal flush.

– 15 coins for five of a kind.

– 9 coins for a straight flush.

– 5 coins for four of a kind.

– 3 coins for a full house.

– 2 coins for a flush.

– 2 coins for a straight.

– 1 coin for three of a kind.

These payout rates can vary slightly depending on the casino or the specific machine, but a full pay Deuces Wild machine adheres to this general structure. Due to the more favorable payouts, playing on a full pay machine offers players a better chance of achieving a higher return on their investment over the long term, provided they employ sound strategies and optimal gameplay.

How To Play Deuces Wild Video Poker

What is the strategy in Deuces Wild video poker?

Optimal Strategy

To determine the best play look under the list given the number of deuces hold (you never discard a deuce). Then look for the highest playable hand on the list. For example if you have both a pair and four to a flush you would keep the pair because it is higher on the list.

The strategy in Deuces Wild Video Poker is a delicate blend of traditional poker tactics and the unique dynamic introduced by wild cards. To master this variant, one must grasp the hierarchy of winning hands while strategically utilizing the deuces as wild cards.

Begin by prioritizing hands that offer a higher probability of success. Pairs and three-of-a-kind are still valuable, but the presence of deuces encourages you to aim for higher-ranking hands like four-of-a-kind and beyond. Holding onto a deuce when dealt one can dramatically increase your chances of forming powerful hands.

When dealt a non-deuce pair, it’s generally wise to retain them, as they can lead to three-of-a-kind or full house hands. However, with deuces, consider the potential for forming more lucrative combinations like four-of-a-kind, which offers a substantial payout.

Adapting your strategy based on the specific machine’s paytable, the cards in your hand, and the potential for deuce substitutions is key. Regular practice, a solid grasp of poker fundamentals, and an awareness of the wild card’s influence will equip you to make calculated decisions and succeed in Deuces Wild Video Poker.

What is Deuces Wild Video Poker?

Deuces Wild is a popular variant of video poker where all the twos (deuces) are considered wild cards. This means they can substitute for any other card to form winning hands.

The objective remains the same: construct the highest-ranking poker hand possible. However, the presence of deuces introduces an element of unpredictability and strategy. This innovation leads to a reevaluation of traditional poker tactics as players adapt their approach to capitalize on the potential of deuce substitutions.

The gameplay begins with receiving a standard 5-card hand. Players then decide which cards to keep and which to replace in a bid to create the most advantageous hand. The strategy revolves around deciding when to retain deuces, when to pursue higher-ranking hands like four-of-a-kind or even the elusive wild royal flush, and when to prioritize classic poker hands like pairs, straights, and flushes.

Mastering Deuces Wild Video Poker requires a combination of understanding traditional poker hands, assessing the potential of wild card substitutions, and adapting strategies based on varying situations. The game’s dynamic nature keeps players engaged, demanding both skill and intuition. Whether you’re an experienced poker player seeking a new challenge or a novice eager to learn, Deuces Wild offers a thrilling experience that marries the familiar with the unexpected.

How do I start playing Deuces Wild Video Poker?

Begin by selecting your preferred bet amount and then press the “Deal” button. You will be dealt five cards, and you can choose which cards to hold and which to discard.

Embarking on the journey of playing Deuces Wild Video Poker is both accessible and exhilarating. To start, familiarize yourself with the game’s basic rules and mechanics. Deuces Wild is a variation of traditional poker, but with the addition of “2” cards acting as wild cards.

First, find a Deuces Wild Video Poker machine, either at a physical casino or an online platform. Once seated, you’ll be presented with a digital interface displaying the game. Place your bet by choosing the appropriate coin denomination and number of coins you wish to wager.

After betting, click the “Deal” button, and you’ll receive a hand of five cards. Assess your cards and decide which ones to hold by clicking on them. The held cards won’t change when you click “Draw.” Unheld cards will be replaced when you click “Draw.”

The objective is to form the highest-ranking poker hand possible. The presence of deuces as wild cards introduces a strategic twist. Decide whether to hold deuces, retain pairs, pursue higher-ranking hands, or opt for classic poker hands.

As you gain experience, you’ll refine your decision-making process and develop your own strategy. Keep in mind that practice is key to mastering Deuces Wild. Learning the odds, understanding paytables, and adapting to the dynamic nature of wild card substitutions will enhance your gameplay.

How do Deuces (twos) work in this game?

Deuces act as wild cards, meaning they can stand in for any other card to complete a winning hand. This increases your chances of forming valuable hands.

In this variant, a deuce can substitute for any other card to form winning combinations. For example, if you have two 7s and a deuce, the deuce can act as a third 7, resulting in a three-of-a-kind. This wildcard element boosts your chances of achieving stronger hands, such as four-of-a-kind or even the elusive wild royal flush.

Understanding when to hold deuces is crucial to crafting successful strategies. If dealt a deuce, it’s often advisable to retain it, as it can potentially lead to more valuable combinations. However, with multiple deuces, decisions become more intricate. Balancing the potential for higher-ranking hands with the desire for surefire wins requires careful consideration.

The presence of deuces encourages players to rethink traditional poker tactics. It introduces an element of unpredictability, strategy, and excitement as you weigh the odds of forming winning hands with the power of wild card substitutions. Whether you’re a seasoned poker player or a newcomer, grasping how deuces work in this game is key to mastering Deuces Wild Video Poker and enjoying its dynamic gameplay to the fullest.

How To Play Deuces Wild Video Poker


Deuces Wild Video Poker offers a dynamic and exhilarating take on the traditional poker game. By incorporating wild cards in the form of deuces, the gameplay becomes a thrilling blend of strategy and chance. Mastering this game requires a balance between understanding the conventional poker hands and adapting to the wild card element.

As you’ve learned, crafting a winning strategy involves considering various factors: the initial hand you’re dealt, the potential for turning deuces into valuable substitutions, and the probability of achieving higher-ranking hands. Making informed decisions based on these factors can significantly increase your odds of success.

Remember that patience, practice, and a deep comprehension of the game’s mechanics are key to becoming a proficient Deuces Wild player. Take the time to familiarize yourself with different scenarios, study the odds, and hone your intuition for when to hold, discard, or chase a particular hand.

Whether you’re seeking a thrilling casino experience, an opportunity to showcase your poker prowess, or simply a way to enjoy a strategic card game, Deuces Wild Video Poker offers it all. So, dive into this captivating world of wild cards and calculated risks, and embrace the excitement that comes with each hand. With dedication and a bit of luck, you’re well on your way to becoming a Deuces Wild master.

Author James Lopez