What Are Crowns In Draftkings

James Lopez
September 11, 2023
What Are Crowns In Draftkings


What Are Crowns In Draftkings: Crowns in DraftKings serve as a crucial in-game currency, representing a unique and integral aspect of the platform’s ecosystem. DraftKings, originally known for its daily fantasy sports contests, introduced Crowns as a way to enhance the user experience and provide additional value to its players.

These digital tokens have evolved to encompass various functions within the DraftKings universe. Initially, Crowns were primarily used to enter paid contests and participate in promotions, providing a flexible alternative to traditional cash transactions. This feature allowed players to engage in fantasy sports and sports betting without the need for constant monetary deposits, enhancing accessibility.

Moreover, Crowns can be exchanged for exclusive DraftKings merchandise, tickets to major sporting events, or even used as entries into contests. This versatility adds an extra layer of excitement to the gaming experience, as players can choose how to spend their accumulated Crowns, whether it’s competing for a big prize or obtaining tangible rewards.

Crowns in DraftKings are the lifeblood of the platform, serving as a multifaceted digital currency that enhances user engagement, rewards loyalty, and adds an element of choice to the gaming experience. They have become an integral part of the DraftKings community, contributing to the platform’s popularity and appeal among sports enthusiasts and fantasy sports aficionados alike.

How much is 500 crowns worth on DraftKings?

DraftKings Rewards Program

Each time you wager $1, you receive 1 Crown, and you can then redeem 500 Crowns for $1 in site credit, giving each Crown a nominal $0.018 value. This loyalty program covers DFS contests and the online casino too, and there are DraftKings daily rewards for DFS players.

The value of 500 Crowns on DraftKings can vary depending on how they are used within the platform. Crowns are a virtual currency used for various purposes, and their worth is not fixed like traditional currency. Here’s a breakdown of how 500 Crowns might be valued within DraftKings:

  • Contest Entries: Crowns can be used to enter paid contests. The entry fee for contests can range from a few Crowns to several hundred or even thousands, depending on the contest’s size and prize pool. 
  • Merchandise and Rewards: DraftKings often offers merchandise and exclusive rewards in exchange for Crowns. The value of these items can vary widely, so 500 Crowns might be enough to redeem for certain rewards or merchandise, but it might fall short for others.
  • Loyalty Program: DraftKings may have a loyalty program where users can earn Crowns through regular play. Accumulating 500 Crowns through loyalty could unlock certain benefits or bonuses within the platform.

The value of 500 Crowns on DraftKings is flexible and depends on how you choose to use them. They provide users with the flexibility to enter contests, obtain rewards, and engage with the platform in various ways. Therefore, the worth of 500 Crowns is subjective and contingent on your preferences and how you intend to utilise them within the DraftKings ecosystem.

What Are Crowns In Draftkings

How do you spend Crowns on DraftKings?

To redeem Crowns for DK Dollars:

  • Log into DraftKings Sportsbook or Casino.
  • Click Promotions.
  • Click My Rewards.
  • Click Redeem next to your Crowns Balance.
  • On the Redeem Your Crowns pop-up, click DK Dollars.
  • Slide to select how many Crowns you’d like to redeem and click Redeem.
  • Click Confirm.
  • Click Ok.

To spend Crowns on DraftKings, you can engage in a variety of exciting options within the platform’s rewards program. Crowns are a form of loyalty points that can be earned by participating in contests and games on DraftKings. Once you’ve accumulated a sufficient number of Crowns, you can redeem them for a range of benefits and perks.

One common way to use Crowns is by entering contests without having to spend real money. DraftKings offers Crowns-only contests where you can showcase your fantasy sports skills and compete for cash prizes without any financial risk. Additionally, you can convert Crowns into contest tickets, allowing you to enter high-stakes competitions or exclusive tournaments.

Crowns can be used to access DraftKings’ VIP program, granting you access to premium promotions, special contests, and personalized experiences. These loyalty rewards enhance your overall gaming experience and provide you with exclusive opportunities that are not available to regular users.

Crowns on DraftKings are a valuable currency that opens the door to a world of exciting possibilities within the platform. Whether it’s entering contests, gaining VIP status, or enjoying other exclusive perks, spending Crowns enhances your enjoyment of fantasy sports and gaming on DraftKings.

What does 55 crowns mean on DraftKings?

Instead, crowns are currency users should plan to accumulate over time. Participants can use crowns to purchase tickets for contests in the place of real money. The DraftKings crowns to dollar ratio is 550 crowns to get a $1 contest ticket. This makes the DraftKings crowns’ value to be $0.0018 for each crown.

On DraftKings, 55 Crowns represent a form of loyalty currency that users can earn and accumulate by participating in various activities on the platform. These Crowns have a specific value within the DraftKings ecosystem and can be used to access a range of benefits and rewards.

While the exact value of 55 Crowns can vary depending on the specific promotions and offers available at any given time, they generally hold several key uses:

  • Entry into Contests: You can use Crowns to enter contests and competitions on DraftKings without spending real money. This allows you to enjoy the thrill of fantasy sports without any financial risk.
  • Contest Tickets: Crowns can also be exchanged for contest tickets, which may grant you entry into exclusive tournaments or high-stakes games.
  • VIP Status: Accumulating Crowns can contribute to your VIP status on DraftKings. Achieving higher VIP levels unlocks additional rewards, promotions, and personalized experiences.
  • Merchandise and Swag: DraftKings occasionally offers merchandise and branded items in exchange for Crowns, allowing you to show off your loyalty to the platform.

55 Crowns on DraftKings represent a valuable resource that can be used to enhance your overall gaming experience, from accessing contests and tournaments to enjoying exclusive perks and rewards. The specific value and options for spending Crowns may vary.

How do you get free crowns on DraftKings?

Crowns are earned by playing on DraftKings and can be redeemed for DK Dollars, Contest Entries and items on the Dynasty Store. All activity that earns Tier Credits also earns Crowns. The Crown earning rate depends on the game played or bet placed, the amount of the wager, and length of play or number of bets placed.

Earning free Crowns on DraftKings is a great way to enhance your gaming experience without spending money. Here are several methods to acquire these loyalty points:

  • Participating in Contests: DraftKings often runs promotions where you can earn Crowns by participating in specific contests. Keep an eye out for these opportunities on the platform.
  • Completing Missions: DraftKings may offer missions or challenges that, when completed, reward you with Crowns. These missions typically involve playing a certain number of contests or achieving specific goals within the platform.
  • Referral Programs: Some fantasy sports platforms, including DraftKings, have referral programs. When you refer friends to join DraftKings, you can earn free Crowns or other rewards once they start playing.
  • VIP Programs: DraftKings has a VIP program where your loyalty and activity can earn you Crowns. The more you play and engage on the platform, the higher your VIP status, and the more Crowns you can accumulate.
  • Promotions and Bonuses: Keep an eye out for special promotions and bonuses that may offer free Crowns as part of their rewards. These promotions can be seasonal or tied to specific events.
  • Daily Fantasy Missions: DraftKings may have daily fantasy missions that award Crowns for completing tasks within a particular timeframe. These can be a fun way to earn extra Crowns.
  • Contest Winnings: When you win cash prizes in DraftKings contests, you can sometimes earn Crowns along with your monetary winnings.

Remember that the availability of free Crowns and the methods for earning them can vary, so it’s a good practice to check DraftKings’ promotions and rewards section regularly to stay updated on the latest opportunities to earn Crowns without spending money.

How many crowns do you get per bet on DraftKings?

However, the earn rate differs for each game: On some, you get 1 Crown for every $1 in bet or wager placed (progressive slots, lottery, parlays, and fantasy); others are 1 Crown for every $2 (marketplace, straight bets, regular slots) and table games and video poker earn at 1 Crown per $8 wagered.

The number of crowns you receive per bet on DraftKings can vary depending on several factors. DraftKings operates a loyalty program called “DraftKings Crowns,” where users earn crowns based on their level of activity and the amount of money they wager on the platform. Typically, users earn a certain number of crowns for every dollar they bet.  

In general, DraftKings offers a flexible rewards system that allows users to accumulate crowns as they engage in various activities on the platform, including placing bets, entering contests, or participating in promotions. These crowns can then be redeemed for various rewards, such as free bets, contest entries, merchandise, or even cash bonuses.

To find the specific crown-to-bet ratio for your bets on DraftKings, it’s essential to check the platform’s current promotions and loyalty program details, as they may vary based on your location and the type of wagers you make.

What Are Crowns In Draftkings

How many DraftKings crowns equal a dollar?

550 crowns

550 crowns is equal to $1 DK Dollar or $1 in Casino Credits.

The conversion rate of DraftKings Crowns to dollars is not a fixed value, and it can vary depending on several factors, including your activity on the platform, promotions, and loyalty program changes. DraftKings operates a rewards program where users earn Crowns as they engage in various activities on the platform, such as placing bets, entering contests, and participating in promotions.

DraftKings Crowns can be redeemed for various rewards, including free bets, contest entries, merchandise, or cash bonuses. To determine how many Crowns are equivalent to a dollar, you need to check the specific conversion rate offered by DraftKings at any given time.

To find the current conversion rate, you can visit the DraftKings website or mobile app and navigate to the loyalty program or rewards section. There, you should find details on how many Crowns you need to exchange for different rewards, including cash bonuses. 

Keep in mind that these rates can change periodically, so it’s essential to stay updated with the latest information provided by DraftKings to make the most of your Crowns and maximize their value when converting them into dollars or other rewards.

How much is a DraftKings crowns redemption worth?


Crowns can be redeemed for DK Dollars at a rate of 550 Crowns for $1 DK Dollar. DK Dollars can be redeemed on DraftKings Sportsbook and DraftKings Casino, and to make purchases in the DraftKings Marketplace.

The value of a DraftKings Crowns redemption can vary widely depending on how you choose to redeem them. DraftKings offers a flexible rewards program, and the worth of Crowns can differ based on the type of reward you select. Here are some common redemption options and their approximate values:

  • Free Bets: You can use Crowns to redeem free bets on DraftKings. The value of these free bets varies depending on the number of Crowns you redeem and the specific promotion or offer available at the time. Typically, the more Crowns you use, the higher the value of the free bet.
  • Contest Entries: Crowns can be used to enter various contests on the platform. The worth of these entries depends on the entry fee for each contest, which can range from a few Crowns to a significant amount.
  • Merchandise: DraftKings may offer merchandise in exchange for Crowns. The value of merchandise items can vary widely based on the specific items available in their rewards catalog.
  • Cash Bonuses: DraftKings sometimes allows users to redeem Crowns for cash bonuses. The value of these bonuses can fluctuate depending on the amount of Crowns exchanged and the terms of the promotion.

To determine the precise worth of a Crowns redemption for your specific preference, you should check DraftKings’ official website or mobile app, where they provide details about the current redemption options and their corresponding values. Keep in mind that the value of Crowns redemptions can change over time and may be subject to terms and conditions set by DraftKings.

How do you bet with crowns in DraftKings?

DraftKings Crowns can’t be used directly within Sportsbook, however, you can convert your Crowns into DK Dollars, which can then be used to place Sportsbook bets. DK Dollars are cash-equivalent site credits that will be automatically applied to your next Sportsbook bet.

Betting with crowns in DraftKings involves using the loyalty points you’ve earned on the platform to place wagers or participate in contests without spending your own money. Here’s how you can bet with crowns on DraftKings:

  • Earn Crowns: Before you can use crowns for betting, you need to accumulate them through your activity on DraftKings. You can earn Crowns by placing real-money bets, entering contests, participating in promotions, or achieving specific milestones in the DraftKings loyalty program.
  • Check Available Contests: Once you have a sufficient number of Crowns, navigate to the DraftKings website or mobile app. Browse the available contests or betting markets to find those that accept Crowns as an entry or wagering option.
  • Select Crowns as Payment: When entering a contest or placing a bet, you’ll typically have the option to choose Crowns as your payment method instead of using real money. Look for an option to “Use Crowns” or something similar during the checkout process.
  • Confirm Your Selection: After selecting Crowns as your payment method, review your choices and confirm your entry or bet. DraftKings will deduct the appropriate number of Crowns from your account.
  • Enjoy the Game: Once your entry or bet is confirmed, you can enjoy the game or contest just like you would with a real-money wager.
What Are Crowns In Draftkings


Crowns in DraftKings are far more than just virtual tokens; they represent a dynamic and evolving aspect of the DraftKings ecosystem. Originally introduced to simplify and enhance the user experience by providing an alternative to traditional cash transactions, Crowns have since grown to become a symbol of loyalty and engagement within the platform.

Their versatility, offering rewards, contest entries, and merchandise purchases, has made them a valuable incentive for users to continue participating in DraftKings contests and activities. This loyalty-driven model has fostered a sense of community and commitment among players, contributing to DraftKings’ enduring popularity. DK Dollars can be redeemed on DraftKings Sportsbook and DraftKings Casino, and to make purchases in the DraftKings Marketplace.

Furthermore, Crowns have added an extra layer of excitement and choice for users, allowing them to personalize their gaming experience. Whether aiming for big prizes or exclusive rewards, Crowns empower users to make the most of their time on the platform.

Crowns have transformed DraftKings from a simple daily fantasy sports provider into a comprehensive gaming and entertainment destination. Their integration into the DraftKings ecosystem has not only incentivized user participation but has also created a sense of belonging and camaraderie among its diverse user base.

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