What Casinos Have Coin Pusher Machines

James Lopez
August 29, 2023
What Casinos Have Coin Pusher Machines


What Casinos Have Coin Pusher Machines: Coin pusher machines have become a nostalgic and entertaining addition to many casinos worldwide. These machines combine elements of chance, skill, and anticipation, making them a popular attraction for both casual players and avid gamblers. The concept behind coin pusher machines is simple: players insert coins into the machine, which are then pushed onto a moving platform filled with other coins, tokens, and sometimes even prizes. The objective is to strategically drop coins in a way that they push the existing coins off the edge, leading to a potential cascade of winnings.

Casinos that offer coin pusher machines capitalize on the addictive nature of the game, as players eagerly watch their coins teeter on the edge, hoping for a big payout. These machines often have themes that range from classic arcade motifs to tie-ins with popular movies or TV shows, adding an extra layer of excitement.

Prominent casinos renowned for their extensive gaming offerings, such as Las Vegas’ iconic MGM Grand and Atlantic City’s upscale Borgata, frequently feature coin pusher machines within their arcades. These machines provide a lighthearted break from the more traditional casino games, appealing to a diverse audience of all ages. With their blend of luck and skill, coin pusher machines continue to charm and captivate visitors in casinos worldwide, adding a touch of nostalgia and amusement to the gaming experience.

Do they have coin pushers in casinos?

Coin pushers are now considered illegal in casinos in the vast majority of areas. In Minnesota and Illinois, it is legal for a casino to have a coin pusher, but it has to be licensed by the Department of Revenue.

Coin pusher machines are commonly found in many casinos around the world. These machines add a unique and nostalgic touch to casino floors, appealing to a wide range of players. Coin pushers blend elements of chance and skill, making them a popular choice for both casual gamblers and enthusiasts.

Casinos often feature coin pusher machines in their arcades or gaming areas as part of their efforts to offer a diverse range of entertainment options. These machines allow players to insert coins or tokens into the game, which are then pushed onto a platform filled with other coins, tokens, and sometimes prizes. The objective is to strategically drop coins in a way that triggers a chain reaction, potentially pushing coins or prizes over the edge for players to collect.

Prominent casinos, including well-known establishments like Las Vegas’ MGM Grand and Atlantic City’s Borgata, often feature coin pusher machines as part of their entertainment offerings. These machines provide a break from traditional casino games and offer a chance for players to engage in a fun and interactive experience.

What Casinos Have Coin Pusher Machines

Where do you find coin pusher machines?

The most common place to find a coin pusher machine on location is at your local arcade or family entertainment center.

Coin pusher machines can be found in various locations, providing a blend of entertainment and nostalgia for players of all ages. While they are commonly associated with arcades and casinos, you can also come across them in other venues that prioritize amusement and gaming experiences.

Arcades: Coin pusher machines are a staple in many arcades, offering players a chance to enjoy a classic and engaging gameplay experience. These arcades can be standalone establishments or part of larger entertainment centers.

Casinos: Many casinos, both land-based and online, feature coin pusher machines as part of their gaming offerings. These machines add a unique touch to the casino floor, appealing to a wide range of visitors looking for a break from traditional casino games.

Amusement Parks: Some amusement parks incorporate coin pusher machines as part of their midway games. Visitors can enjoy trying their luck while taking a break from thrilling rides and attractions.

Carnivals and Fairs: Coin pusher machines are often present in carnival settings, providing players with a chance to win prizes in a fun and interactive way.

Family Entertainment Centers: Family-oriented venues that offer a variety of entertainment options, such as mini-golf, go-karts, and laser tag, might also include coin pusher machines to diversify their attractions.

Do any casinos still use coins?

Bucking the trend in Vegas, Circus Circus recently added even more coin slots to their gaming floor. You can almost close your eyes and let the sounds take you back to the casinos of yesteryear. At this point, Circus Circus is the only casino on the Strip to offer real coin/token slot games.

While the use of physical coins in casinos has become less common over the years, some casinos still incorporate coins into their gaming experience, albeit to a limited extent. The majority of modern casinos have transitioned to using electronic cards or digital payment systems for convenience and efficiency. However, there are a few notable exceptions and instances where coins are still utilized:

Vintage and Nostalgic Machines: Some casinos intentionally maintain a small selection of vintage slot machines that use actual coins. These machines are often kept for nostalgic purposes and to cater to players who appreciate the traditional casino experience.

Special Events and Promotions: Certain casinos may introduce coin-based games or events during special occasions or promotions, offering players a chance to engage with coins for a limited time.

Souvenir Coins: Some casinos offer commemorative or souvenir coins that can be purchased and used in specific gaming machines. These coins are often designed to be kept as tokens of the casino visit.

Unique Gaming Experiences: A handful of casinos around the world have chosen to maintain a certain number of coin-operated gaming machines to provide a distinct gaming experience that sets them apart from more modern establishments.

While the use of physical coins has become a rarity in casinos, the evolution towards electronic payments has streamlined transactions and improved overall operational efficiency. This transition reflects the broader trend in modernizing casino operations to meet the changing preferences of patrons and technological advancements.

Do arcades have coin pushers?

There’s a lot of different arcades out there and depending on what the ticket value is what the arcade has for prizes. it might mean that a certain coin pusher is better to play in one place. and not so good to play in another place.

Arcades often feature coin pusher machines as one of their attractions. Coin pushers have been a staple in arcades for decades, providing players with a unique and engaging gaming experience. These machines blend elements of chance, strategy, and anticipation, making them popular among both casual players and avid gamers.

Coin pusher machines in arcades typically work by allowing players to insert coins or tokens into the machine. The coins are then pushed onto a platform filled with other coins, tokens, and sometimes prizes. Players aim to strategically drop their coins in a way that triggers a chain reaction, potentially pushing existing coins or prizes over the edge for collection.

The appeal of coin pushers lies in the excitement of watching the coins teeter on the edge and the hope of scoring big wins. Arcades often offer various types of coin pusher machines, each with its own theme and set of prizes, adding to the overall entertainment value.

These machines attract a diverse audience, from children and families to adults seeking a nostalgic gaming experience. While the gaming industry has evolved with advancements in technology, coin pushers have managed to maintain their charm and popularity in arcades, making them a quintessential part of the arcade gaming scene.

Do coin pushers make money?

Yes, coin pusher machines can be profitable for operators, such as arcades and casinos, due to their engaging gameplay and the potential for players to spend money in pursuit of prizes or rewards. The profitability of coin pushers is based on several factors:

Game Design: The design of the coin pusher machine plays a crucial role in its profitability. The positioning of the coins, the speed of the pusher mechanism, and the arrangement of prizes influence how often players win and how much they spend to achieve those wins.

Player Psychology: Coin pushers are designed to create a sense of anticipation and excitement. Players often continue to insert coins in the hopes of triggering a big win, which encourages prolonged engagement and spending.

Coin Recycling: The coins that players insert into the machine are often recycled and reused, reducing the operational costs associated with constantly replenishing the machine’s coin supply.

Prizes and Redemption: Many coin pusher machines offer prizes or tickets that players can redeem for rewards. The perceived value of these prizes encourages players to continue playing in the hopes of obtaining valuable items.

Variety and Themes: Offering different machine themes and prize types can attract a wider range of players, increasing the potential for revenue.

What Casinos Have Coin Pusher Machines

How do casinos make money on coin pushers?

Casinos can generate revenue from coin pusher machines through a combination of player engagement, coin recycling, and the allure of potential prizes. While coin pushers are not typically the primary source of income for casinos, they contribute to the overall entertainment experience and can add to the casino’s profitability in various ways:

Coin Investments: Players insert coins into the machine to participate, and these coins contribute to the casino’s revenue. While players hope to win prizes or push other coins over the edge, the majority of coins are recycled and reused within the machine.

Prize Redemption: Many coin pusher machines offer prizes or tokens that can be redeemed for rewards. While the value of these rewards is often less than the amount spent playing, they incentivize players to continue inserting coins to accumulate prizes.

Extended Playtime: The engaging and suspenseful nature of coin pusher gameplay encourages players to stay engaged for longer periods. This prolonged engagement increases the likelihood that players will spend more money overall during their casino visit.

Arcade Atmosphere: Coin pushers contribute to the overall atmosphere of the casino, offering a unique and nostalgic gaming experience. This can attract a diverse range of players, enhancing the casino’s appeal.

Entertainment Value: Even if players don’t win significant prizes, the entertainment value and enjoyment derived from playing coin pusher machines contribute to the casino’s reputation and customer satisfaction.

How much money do coin pusher machines make?

The amount of money coin pusher machines make can vary widely based on a range of factors, including the specific machine’s design, location, player engagement, and the overall business strategy of the operator. Unlike traditional casino games where the house edge is a well-defined percentage, coin pusher machines operate on a different model that combines player spending and potential prizes.  

Player Spending: The primary source of income for coin pusher machines comes from players continuously inserting coins or tokens. The more players engage and spend, the more revenue the machine can generate.

Prizes and Rewards: While players hope to win prizes from the machine, the value of these prizes might be less than the amount they’ve spent playing. The perceived value of the prizes can motivate players to continue spending.

Game Mechanics: The design of the machine and its mechanics, such as the speed of the pusher and the arrangement of coins and prizes, can influence the rate at which players win and spend.

Location: The machine’s location within an arcade or casino plays a significant role. Machines placed in high-traffic areas with good visibility tend to attract more players and generate higher revenue.

Variety and Themes: Offering different themes, prize types, or special features can keep players engaged and encourage them to spend more.

Has anyone won money on a coin pusher?

Thousands of people in four corners of the world are playing Pusher For Cash with the expectation to win cash prizes. Unfortunately, this coin pusher simulation does not offer real money, and you will just waste your time. The game is very addictive since the prizes are incredibly appealing.

Players have won money and prizes on coin pusher machines, although the amount and frequency of winnings can vary significantly. Coin pushers are designed to provide an element of chance and excitement, and while winning money is possible, it’s not guaranteed. 

Winning on a coin pusher usually involves strategically dropping coins in a way that triggers a chain reaction, pushing other coins or prizes over the edge. Players who are skilled at timing their coin drops and understanding the mechanics of the machine might have a better chance of winning.

The value of the prizes or rewards won can vary widely, ranging from small trinkets and tokens to more substantial prizes or even cash. Some casinos and arcades have set up coin pusher machines with cash prizes, adding an extra layer of excitement.

It’s important to note that the potential to win money or valuable prizes is part of the draw of coin pusher machines. However, these machines are primarily designed for entertainment, and the odds of winning significant amounts of money are generally lower compared to traditional casino games.

Players should approach coin pusher machines with the expectation of having fun and enjoying the gaming experience, rather than solely as a means of making money. While winning is possible, the primary appeal of coin pushers lies in the thrill of the game itself and the anticipation of potential rewards.

What Casinos Have Coin Pusher Machines


Coin pusher machines have carved a unique niche in the casino entertainment landscape. With their blend of simple mechanics and engaging gameplay, these machines offer a refreshing break from traditional casino offerings. The anticipation of watching coins teeter on the edge creates a sense of excitement and hope, fostering an addictive appeal that transcends age and gaming preferences.

Casinos that incorporate coin pusher machines, such as the renowned MGM Grand in Las Vegas and the upscale Borgata in Atlantic City, understand the allure of these games. By providing a mix of chance and skill, along with attractive themes that resonate with a wide audience, these casinos cater to both casual players seeking amusement and serious gamblers looking for a change of pace.

The popularity of coin pusher machines highlights the diverse strategies that casinos employ to engage visitors and create an immersive gaming environment. As technology advances, we can anticipate even more innovative variations of these games, keeping the classic charm of coin pushers while incorporating modern features.

Ultimately, coin pusher machines exemplify the essence of casino entertainment: bringing together elements of luck, skill, and anticipation in a way that fosters enjoyment and camaraderie among players. With their widespread appeal and presence in reputable casinos, coin pusher machines are bound to remain a cherished attraction for years to come.

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